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Palestine Media Roundup (October 1)

[Israeli soldiers at Kalandia checkpoint in occupied West Bank taking Palestinian minors out of sight behind a building and assaulting them (presumably in an effort to obtain information from them). Other soldiers interrupted my photo-taking as the pictured soldiers repeatedly struck the kid in the head. Photo taken by Czech160 and uploaded via Wikimedia Commons] [Israeli soldiers at Kalandia checkpoint in occupied West Bank taking Palestinian minors out of sight behind a building and assaulting them (presumably in an effort to obtain information from them). Other soldiers interrupted my photo-taking as the pictured soldiers repeatedly struck the kid in the head. Photo taken by Czech160 and uploaded via Wikimedia Commons]

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on Palestine and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Palestine Page co-editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each roundup to]

The Occupation Forces

A Palestinian Boy Was Shot In Stomach And Interrogated By Israeli Officer During Attempted Knife Attack The young Palestinian teen has been identified as Hasan Issa Jaradat from the village of Sair. No Israeli soldiers attempt to provide Jaradat first aid and it is unclear how the video was obtained by the Israeli settlers that posted it online. 

Israeli Forces Detained Two Fourteen-Year-Old Palestinians From Hebron The youths, Salim Muhammad Samouh and Hamdi Khalil Qawasmeh, were taken by Israeli forces for unknown reasons during a raid on the Bab al-Zawiya area of Hebron city.

Clashes Erupted After An Israeli Raid On Refugee Camp In Bethlehem The Aida refugee camp endured another “search and detention raid,” leading to clashes between youths and Israeli forces.

Israeli Authorities Have Chosen Not To Bury Three Palestinians In "Cemetery Of Numbers" Though it is not yet clear whether the families of the three slain Palestinians will be provided with their bodies, the Israeli state has claimed that they will not inter the bodies in what have been called “cemeteries of numbers.”

The Residents Of Khan Al-Ahmar Have Vowed To Resist Forced Expulsion From Their Homes And Land Israeli occupation authorities have ordered the village’s “transfer” to a site allegedly alongside a toxic waste disposal site. The residents say they will do all they can to fight that outcome legally.

Domestic Politics

PA President Abbas Says Peace With Israel More Likely With American President Trump's Engagement The optimism for peace that Abbas holds is due to his belief that Trump will be able to make the “deal of the century” between Israel and the Palestinian people.

Palestinians Are Calling For The End Of The Palestinian Authority And President Abbas A recent poll conducted by the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research (PSR) stated that sixty seven percent of Palestinians in the occupied territories favor putting an end to the failing Palestinian Authority.

Foreign Policy

The PLO Is Calling On International Criminal Court To Investigate Israeli Settlement Activity The Palestinian Liberation Organization has filed an official request for the ICC to assess the illegal activities that continue throughout the West Bank and East Jerusalem. The PLO denounced Israel for the “ethnic cleansing and racial segregation” that amount to war crimes.

The UNHCR Has Added Israel To List Of Human Rights Abusers The move was welcomed enthusiastically by Hamas, as they claimed that “putting Israel on the list of entities which violate human rights and human rights activists confirms that the Palestinian people are oppressed [under the Israeli occupation].”

Most Britons Believe That The UK Should Recognize Palestine As Sovereign State The poll conducted by YouGov found that only fourteen percent of the British public say that “they wouldn’t want the Palestinian state to receive recognition” and that fifty three percent would agree with such a move (thirty three percent remain neutral).

Settlers and Illegal Settlements

One Palestinian And Three Israelis Dead After Shooting At Israeli Settlement The shooting took place at the entrance to the illegal Israeli settlement of Har Adar. Of those killed, two were Israeli security guards and the other was an Israeli border police officer. The gunman was killed at the scene.

The Entire Village Of Khan Al-Ahmar Is Set To Be Forcefully "Transferred" The village is surrounded on all sides by illegal Israeli settlements and has run out of room to sustain their existence. The village is set to be leveled unless they can block an Israeli Supreme Court ruling calling for its demolition.

Israeli Authorities Are Set To Advance Plans For 2,000 More Illegal Settlements In West Bank Many of the homes will just be advancing to the next stage of the planning process but around three hundred homes are currently ready for immediate construction in Beit El.

The Residents Of Another Palestinian Village Are Likely To Be Expelled "Within Months" Residents of the village of Susiya in the southern West Bank are facing the same imminent disaster as the people of Khan al-Ahmar.

Israeli PM Netanyahu Has Vowed That Settlements Will Never Be Uprooted During 50th Anniversary Celebrations Despite the fact that the Israeli settlements in the occupied territories have been deemed illegal by international law, Netanyahu claimed that “there will be no further uprooting of settlements” in what he believes to be the land of Israel.

Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions

The European Union Boycotted Israeli Celebration Of Occupation Of West Bank The so-called “Jubilee Celebration of the Liberation of Judea, Samaria, the Jordan Valley and the Golan Heights” was boycotted by the United Nation Ambassador to Israel. Israeli settlers lashed out at the European Union with comments welcoming the latter to supposedly “invest their energies in repairing their long-standing legacy of hatred and causing harm to others.” 

The United Nations Has Begun Steps To Hold Israel Accountable For Breaches Of International Law The UN has started sending letters to at least one hundred fifty companies that warn them of being placed on a database of companies that do business in the occupied territories. Some of the businesses have already reached out and alleged that they will not renew contracts with Israel or seek new ones.


Israeli Authorities Indict Police Intelligence Officer For Assaulting Detained Palestinian The assault took place back in February, and three other officers are being called on to face disciplinary charges for not reporting the assault. The officer beat a Palestinian detainee with an iron bar when he allegedly did not respond to the officer’s questions.

A Sixteen-Year-Old Palestinian Girl Sentenced To Three Years In Prison After Being Shot By Israeli Forces Lama al-Bakri was sentenced by an Israeli military court to three years in prison after she was shot during an alleged attempted stabbing near the illegal Israeli settlement of Kirtat Arba in Hebron back in 2015.

The Israeli Authorities Have Reduced Elor Azariya's Sentence By Four Months The Israeli soldier that murdered an injured and harmless Palestinian man last year has received an even more lenient prison sentence than before by the Israeli military chief of staff.

Economy and Development

The UN Wants To Help Governments Solve Crisis In Gaza The United Nations Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process Nikolai Mladenov stated that imports and exports in Gaza must be reinstated and that the UN must “make sure that all the understandings between Fatah and Hamas are implemented on the ground.” Mladenov also concluded that “the current opportunity for reconciliation and lifting the siege imposed on Gaza is the last chance.”

Ceiling Of The Church Of The Holy Sepulcher In Jerusalem Collapsed The holy site in East Jerusalem experienced great damage after parts of the ceiling collapsed. No injuries have been reported and work is underway to repair the damage.

Israeli Settlers Set Fire To Palestinian Olive Trees After They Were Forced To Evacuate Illegal Outpost The settlers started the blaze after Israeli forces arrived to remove them from their small outpost near the village of Kafr Qalil outside Nablus. The trees allegedly belonged to a Palestinian resident of Kafr Qalil.

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