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Critical Currents in Islam Media Roundup (June 19-July 2)

Children's prayer by Rana Ossama on Creative Commons Children's prayer by Rana Ossama on Creative Commons

June 19-25 

When Is It 'Terrorism'? How The Media Cover Attacks By Muslim Perpetrators, NPR
Sometimes it can feel like there is a terrorist attack on the news every other week. But how much attention an attack receives has a lot to do with one factor: the religion of the perpetrator.
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Fighting for the Immigrants of Little Pakistan, The New Yorker
A Pakistani lawyer fights for the rights of immigrants who live in constant fear of deportation.
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‘Muslims Feel Under Siege’, The Atlantic 
Following attacks on Muslims in London and Sterling, Virginia, Muslims have started to feel unease and fear in public.
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How Islamophobia in France Affects the Way Muslim Women Dress, VICE 
In the face of growing Islamophobia in France, Vice News talks to Muslim women determined to dress how they want.
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How London's Finsbury Park Is Reacting to the Attack, VICE 
As anti-Muslim attacks are on the rise, London residents weigh in on growing Islamophobia.
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9 questions about the global refugee crisis you were too embarrassed to ask, VOX  
On World Refugee Day, looking at a 65 million person crisis.
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Profile: Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman, Al Jazeera
The new Saudi crown prince will likely push for a more aggressive Iran policy while balancing more pragmatic domestic reforms.
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The rise and fall of ISIL explained, Al Jazeera 
A breakdown of Daesh from its beginning to its present state.
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Sabha in the spotlight: the city where migrants are sold as slaves, The Guardian 
The Libyan city of Sabha, a hub for migrants from the Middle East and Africa on their way to Europe, allegedly has modern day migrant “slave auctions.”
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Rift between Iran's ayatollah and re-elected president widens, The Guardian 
Hassan Rouhani questions political legitimacy of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei after supreme leader embarrassed president at high-profile meeting.
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Destroying Great Mosque of al-Nuri 'is Isis declaring defeat', The Guardian 
Iraqi PM denounces levelling of Mosul building where Islamic State leader declared a caliphate three years ago.
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See How Muslims Celebrate the End of Ramadan Around the World, National Geographic 
A gallery of images showcasing how Muslims celebrate Eid around the world.
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Ramadan on the Afghan frontline: after heavy fighting, hunger and boredom, The Guardian 
Ramadan for Afghan soldiers features hunger, thirst, boredom - and intense warfare.
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Islamophobic attacks in Manchester surge by 500% after arena attack, The Guardian 
Following the attack in Manchester at an Ariana Grande concert, hate crimes against Muslims have risen dramatically.
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Germany Rejects Turkish Office's Criticism of Liberal Mosque, NY Times
The German government on Friday strongly rejected criticism from a religious authority overseen by the Turkish government of a new liberal mosque in Berlin where all Muslims can pray together.
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A Nuanced Novel Examines the Mystery of Radicalization, NY Times 
Laleh Khadivi’s novel A Good Country illuminates how young Muslim immigrants fall to radicalization.
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Hate Crime Charge for Man Accused in Texas Mosque Fire, NY Times 
A Texas man was indicted on federal hate crime charges on Thursday in connection with an act of arson that destroyed a mosque and Islamic community center in January.
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Makram Ali Died of Injuries in Attack Near London Mosque, Police Say, NY Times 
A man injured during the terrorist attack at a London mosque has succumbed to his injuries and passed away.
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Portland police investigate menacing letter sent to Islamic center as hate crime, Press Herald 
Portland police have opened a hate crime investigation into a menacing letter sent to an Islamic center in the city.
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On Eid 2017, a peek into the lives of Puerto Rican Muslims, The Conversation 
Puerto Rican Muslims have to balance their faith and their culture, especially during Ramadan.
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Harvard Appoints Muslim Chaplain, Harvard Gazette 
Harvard University appointed its first Muslim chaplain on Sunday, five months after University President Drew G. Faust first initiated the search in the wake of U.S. President Donald Trump's Muslim ban.
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A Battle Over Prayer in Schools Tests Canada’s Multiculturalism, NY Times 
Controversy has arisen over the topic of prayer in Canadian schools.
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Kumail Nanjiani’s Culture-Clash Comedy, The New Yorker
Kumail Nanjiani’s new comedy highlights the culture-clash within the lives of Middle-Eastern immigrants. 
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June 26 - July 2

Turkey bans teaching of evolution – but science is more than a belief system, The Conversation 
The Turkish government has banned the teaching of evolution in its schools, stating that evolution is “controversial” and “difficult to understand.”
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Muslim girls 'racially abused' on Polish Holocaust trip, Al Jazeera 
A group of Muslim students were allegedly threatened and spat on while on a school trip.
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Pope Francis: Suicide bombers are not 'martyrs', Al Jazeera 
The pontiff says true martyrs do not harm others as he addresses frequent attacks against Christian minorities.
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How Much Can One Strongman Change a Country?, The Atlantic 
Recep Tayyip Erdogan is thinking about his legacy—and his own mortality. He desires power, but not necessarily for its own sake.
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A Newly Discovered Manuscript and Its Lesson on Islam, The Atlantic 
Early drafts of a canonical work show how Muslims' understanding of their faith has evolved.
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Syrian doctor hit by Trump travel ban takes up studies in Canada instead, The Guardian
Khaled Almilaji’s humanitarian missions back and forth to Syria were under a cloud, so he took up an offer from the University of Toronto.
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Trump travel ban: US supreme court partially lifts block on order, The Guardian 
Supreme court agrees to hear arguments on legality of controversial order in the fall after lifting significant elements of lower court orders to block ban.
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Mosul mosque where Isis declared caliphate 'has been recaptured', The Guardian 
Iraqi forces seize Great Mosque of al-Nuri where Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi proclaimed himself Isis leader three years ago.
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Trump’s travel ban is going into effect today. Here’s what we know., Vox
At 10:30 am Eastern Thursday, 72 hours after the Supreme Court gave the Trump administration a rare and significant court victory, the Trump “travel ban” will be legally allowed to go into effect.
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Marawi battle only latest chapter in long, fraught history of Islam in Philippines, ABC News
The occupation of the Philippine city of Marawi by Islamic militants has been a regular fixture in the news cycle for over a month now.
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Orange Is the New Black’s Commitment to Diversity Fell Short When Litchfield Added a Muslim Inmate, Slate 
Orange is the New Black’s first muslim inmate plays to stereotypes instead of undermining them.
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Peter Berger, Theologian Who Fought ‘God Is Dead’ Movement, Dies at 88, NY Times 
Peter L. Berger, an influential, and contrarian, Protestant theologian and sociologist died on Tuesday at his home in Brookline, Mass.
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Donald Trump abandons traditional White House Ramadan celebration, The Guardian
Clinton, Bush and Obama presidencies all had receptions to mark end of Muslim holy month, while Trump chose not to. 
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Opinion: Trump doesn't want Muslims in the US. That's OK with the supreme court, The Guardian 
The supreme court has upheld parts of Donald Trump’s Muslim ban. By doing so, it has legitimised blanket discrimination against a religious group. 
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UK mosques should appoint British-born imams, says report, The Guardian 
Call follows 18-month inquiry in hope it will help leaders be better equipped to deal with challenges facing British Muslims.
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New political alliance unites Iraqi religious and secular parties, Al Monitor 
Amid the search for suitable alliances among political parties, the Sadrist movement surprised its popular base June 22 by announcing an agreement with the Al-Wataniya coalition (National Coalition) led by Ayad Allawi.
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