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O.I.L. Media Roundup (26 April)

[Predator drone operators at Balad Camp Anaconda, Iraq, August 2007. Photo by Master Sergeant Steve Horton] [Predator drone operators at Balad Camp Anaconda, Iraq, August 2007. Photo by Master Sergeant Steve Horton]

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on Occupation, Intervention and Law and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the O.I.L. Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each biweekly roundup to by Monday night of every other week.]


The Occupation and BDS
, Bashir Abu Manneh
Writing in Jacobin, Abu Manneh analyzes Israeli settler colonialism and calls for centralizing the fight against the occupation in the current context

Israel's Anti-Boycott Law Will Hit Palestinians Hardest, Rights Groups Warn, Ali Abunimah
Abunimah covers a recent Israeli Supreme Court decision upholding a 2011 law carrying harsh financial sanctions for those advocating boycott against Israel.

The Advantage for Palestine of a Slow Preliminary Examination, Kevin Jon Heller
Heller articulates what he calls a "cynical strategy" wherein Palestine, by drawing the OTP preliminary examination of the Palestinian statehood issue as long as possible, can more time for itself to make a ruling against statehood more difficult.

Naming and Shaming in Yarmouk, Ramzy Baroud
Writing in CounterPunch, Baroud highlights the role of many actors, including Israel and the armed opposition in Syria, in destroying Yarmouk

The Palestinians of Yarmouk and the Shameful Silence When Israel Is Not to Blame, Mehdi Hasan
Writing for the guardian, Hasan critiques the relative silence in public discussion of the plight of Palestinian refugees in Yarmouk, as compared with outrage over Palestinian suffering at the hands of Israel.

On the Eve of Holocaust Remembrance Day, Israel Demolished the Homes of Palestinian Citizens of Israel 15 Minutes From Tel Aviv, Udi Aloni
Responding to the Israeli destruction of Palestinian homes on holocaust remembrance day, the author declares unwillingness to participate in Jewish political movements that do not declare solidarity with the Palestinian struggle.


Killing a Cleric: Many More Questions Than Answers, Gabor Rona
Critiques the US government justification for the drone killing of Ibrahim Rubaish, noting that the argument raises questions about how to distinguish AQAP and the al Qaeda responsible for 9/11 as well as the targetability of civilians.

Harold Koh and the Battle of the Dueling Petitions, Philip Alston
The controversy over a petition criticizing Obama Administration legal adviser Harold Koh's position at NYU's law school raises as many questions about the role of legal academics in government positive as it does policy crafted under Koh vis-a-vis target killings.

Trial of Karma Al-Khayat, Lebanese Journalist, Begins in Hague Tribunal, Marlise Simons
The New York Times covers the opening in the trial of a Lebanese journalist accused of publishing information confidential to an international investigation of the assassination of Lebanese PM Rafik Hariri.

Secret Details of Drone Strike Revealed as Unprecedented Case Goes to German Court, Cora Currier, Ryan Devereaux, and Jeremy Scahill
The Intercept reports on the first drone strike victim to air his grievances in a court of law.

Obama's Lawyers: Let's Extend the 9/11 Wars Forever, Shane Harris
Comments by an Obama administration lawyer seemed to give the lie to the president's recent declaration of an end to combat operations in Afghanistan.

Drone Strikes in Yemen Said to Set a Dangerous Precedent, Scott Shane
A study by the Open Society Justice initiative examining the US' targeted killing program concludes the US has openly flouted it's own rules for curbing civilian casualties.


Aid Agency Oxfam Condemns Saudi Air Strike in Yemen, Reuters
Oxfam has stated a recent Saudi air strike in Yemen has damaged a store of humanitarian supplies.

A Revolutionary Yemen, Bilal Zenab Ahmed
Bilal Ahmed examines the prospects for a democratic movement in Yemen for Jacobin.

al Qa'ida Top Cleric in Yemen Killed in Drone Attack, Associated Press 
An al Qa'ida cleric, Ibrahim al-Rubaish, has been killed a drone strike in Yemen.

Armed Conflict

Syria: Chemicals Used in Idlib Attacks, Human Rights Watch
Human Rights Watch uncovers strong evidence that the government of Syria used toxic chemicals in a series of bombings in Idlib in March 2015.

Iran, Afghanistan Announce Security Cooperation Against Islamic State, AFP
Afghan leader Ashran.Ghani and Iran president Hasan Rouhani have announced a security cooperation agreement over ISIS

UN Says Libya Peace Talks 'Very Close' to Final Accord, AFP
UN envoy Bernardino Leon claims negotiations between rival militias in Libya are close to eighty percent complete.

The New World Disorder, Tariq Ali
Ali describes the revelations of Western surveillance programs as a harbinger of a new form of Western government he calls the "extreme center," a step towards the elimination of democracy.


6 Arrested In Minneapolis, San Diego In Alleged ISIS-Related Plot, Marcy Kreiter
Federal agents made nearly simultaneous arrests in Minnesota and California over an alleged ISIS plot.

The FBI Informant Who Mounted a Sting Operation Against the FBI, Trevor Aaronson
The Intercept discusses "(T)error," a documentary following an FBI informant's attempts to uncover ties to terror from a Muslim convert in Pittsburgh.

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