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Chart: Who Funds the International Monetary Fund (IMF)

[Image from]

This chart helps represent one of the ways the United States government is able to shape the policies of international institutions that impact the daily lives of people living outside of the United States. Voting power in the IMF Board of Governors is proportional to the financial contribution of each state represented on the Board. The United States holds 16.7 percent of the votes, followed by Japan (6.24%), Germany (5.81%), France (4.29%), and the United Kingdom (4.29%). ...

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Statement by Syria's Lawyers Committee for Freedom

[Syria's Lawyers for Freedom.]

 [The following statement was issued by Syria's Lawyers Committee for Freedom on August 31, 2011.] Today Adnan Mohammad Bakkor, the district attorney in Hama governorate, announced his resignation. He mentioned these reasons: Killing of 72 prisoners in The Central Prison of Hama of, they ware peaceful demonstrators and political activists, they were buried in mass graves near Military Headquarters in Hama. Burial of 420 bodies in mass graves in the public ...

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On BDS Bashers and their Search for Fig Leaves (Includes Arabic Translation)

[Image from]

[The following statement was issued in both English and Arabic by the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI) on June 29, 2011.] On BDS Bashers and their Search for Fig Leaves In the context of applying the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement’s guidelines for the international academic and cultural boycott of Israel, PACBI sometimes faces scenarios where boycott bashers attempt to redeem their conscience, and with it some ...

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Doctors without Borders on the Situation in Tripoli

[Médecins Sans Frontières logo.]

[The following report was issued by Médecins Sans Frontières on August 28, 2011. It was recently published on Médecins Sans Frontières Australia.] Libya: “Almost all of the hospitals around the city are receiving wounded” Libya / 25.08.11 A three-person Médecins Sans Frontières team is currently in Tripoli with supplies and is starting to support facilities that are already overwhelmed with patients wounded in the fighting currently taking place in the Libyan capital. ...

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Syrian Local Coordinating Committees on Taking Up Arms and Foreign Intervention

[Syrian Local Coordinating Committees Logo.]

[The following statement was issued by the Local Coordinating Committees in Syria on Monday August 29, 2011, on their Facebook page.] Statement to the Syrian People: In an unprecedented move over the past several days, Syrians in Syria and abroad have been calling for Syrians to take up arms, or for international military intervention. This call comes five and a half months of the Syrian regime’s systematic abuse of the Syrian people, whereby tens of thousands of ...

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John Quigley Critique of Goodwin-Gill Legal Opinion on Palestine Statehood Bid

[Image from book cover of John Quigley.]

[The following critique by John Quigley was issued on August 28, 2011, in response to a legal opinion by Guy S. Goodwin-Gill on the Palestine statehood bid at the United Nations.] To:        Interested parties From:   John Quigley Re:       Legal Opinion of Guy S. Goodwin-Gill on the representation issue Date:   August 28, 2011   The Goodwin-Gill legal opinion provides no sound basis for not ...

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Guy S. Goodwin-Gill Legal Opinion on Palestinian Statehood Bid

[Image from]

[The following legal opinion on the Palestine statehood bid was issued by Guy S. Goodwin-Gill on August 10, 2011.] Opinion Re The Palestine Liberation Organization, the future State of Palestine, and the question of popular representation By Guy S. Goodwin-Gill Senior Research Fellow, All Souls College, Oxford--Barrister Introduction I been asked for my opinion on certain issues relating to popular representation (that is, the representation of the ...

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A Note on the Palestinian Diplomatic Initiative at the United Nations (UN)

[Emblem of Palestine Liberation Organization]

[The following statement was issued by a group of Palestinians on August 29, 2011.] A note on the Palestinian diplomatic initiative at the United Nations (UN)   Your excellences, The chairman and members of the executive committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) Leaders of Palestinian political parties and factions Leaders of Palestinian trade unions and NGOs     Emphasizing the importance of the Palestinian diplomatic initiative at the ...

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Interview with Ali Ahmida, Gilbert Achcar, and David Smith on Situation in Libya

[Image from]

AUDIO PLAYER BELOW The fall of Qaddafi's Tripoli to Libyan rebels has raised a host of new questions and intensified existing debates about the nature and fate of the Libyan uprising. As the peaceful uprising in Libya shifted towards an open rebellion in the face of a violent response by Qaddafi's regime, various calls for intervention by the Libyan people mobilized and polarized world powers, solidarity activists, and everyday observers as to the nature and legitimacy of ...

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Fear, Inc.: The Roots of the Islamaphobia Network

[Cover image of report.]

[Below is the latest from the Center for American Progress on Islamaphobia in the United States.] Fast Facts on the Islamophobia Network This in-depth investigation conducted by the Center for American Progress Action Fund reveals not a vast right-wing conspiracy behind the rise of Islamophobia in our nation but rather a small, tightly net- worked group of misinformation experts guiding an effort that reach- es millions of Americans through effective advocates, media ...

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Democracy Now! Interview with Gilbert Achcar on the Libyan Rebels

[Gilbert Achcar. Image from screen shot of interview.]

This is an interview conducted with Gilbert Achcar on Wednesday, August 24, in regards to news of the Libyan rebels entering Tripoli. The interview addresses the events surrounding this development, highlighting the dynamics of the NATO intervention and discussing the identities and interests that make up the rebel forces. Transcripts of the interview follow the below video. Libyan rebels have consolidated their grip on the capital of Tripoli by capturing Col. Muammar ...

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Report of the UN Fact-Finding Mission to Syria Pursuant to Human Rights Council Resolution S-16/1

[UNHCR logo. Image from]

[Below is the latest from the United Nations Human Rights Council on Syria.] Advanced Unedited Version Report of the Fact-Findng Mission on Syria pursuant to Human Rights Council resolution S-16/1 I. Introduction A. Background 1. Mandate 1. The Fact-Finding Mission for Syria (“Mission”) was established pursuant to Resolution A/HRC/RES/S-16/1 adopted by the Human Rights Council (“Council”) on 29 April 2011.1 A special session of the Council was convened in light of ...

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Palestinian Statehood at the United Nations: An Information Resource

[QUNO logo. Image from]

[The following is the latest from Quaker United Nations Office (QUNO) on Palestinian Statehood at the UN.] Palestinian Statehood at the United Nations: An Information Resource Introduction These pages aim to serve as an informal information resource for issues relating to the current discussions around the question of Palestinian Statehood at the United Nations. The resources contained here are not intended to be exhaustive or definitive; rather they are intended to ...

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"The United States Is Not Qualified to Intervene on Behalf of Democracy in the Region": Al-Jazeera Interview with Jadaliyya Co-Editor

[Image from Al-Jazeera Interview with Bassam Haddad]

This interview was conducted with Jadaliyya Co-Editor, Bassam Haddad, on the role of the United States in Syria. After five months of continuous suppression of protests in Syria, resulting in nearly 2000 deaths and more than 15,000 arrests, the Syrian regime is facing growing regional and international pressures to stop the violence and engage in serious dialogue with various segments of the Syrian opposition. Some have critiqued the United States for not doing more, or ...

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National Conference: Students for Justice in Palestine (New York, 14-16 October, 2011)

[SJP logo. Image from conference announcement.]

National Conference - Students for Justice in Palestine New York, 14-16 October, 2011 Dear Students, It is with great pleasure that we invite you to the 2011 National Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) Conference at Columbia University in the City of New York from 14-16 October 2011. Over the past couple of months, a number of student activists from SJPs and other student groups focused on Palestine from around the country have been laying the foundations for a ...

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UN Report : Human Rights Situation in Iraq Remains Fragile

[UN OHCHR logo. Image from]

[The following press release was issued on August 8, 2011, by the UN Assistantce Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) and the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) on the latest report documenting human rights violations in Iraq in 2010.] Human Rights Situation in Iraq Remains Fragile – UN Report BAGHDAD/GENEVA – A UN report into the human rights situation in Iraq over the course of 2010 has warned that armed violence and “silent” human rights violations continue ...

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Statement by African Heritage Delegation to Palestine/Israel

[Three members of the delegation. Image from]

[The following statement was issued by the Interfaith Peace Builders’ (IFPB) first African Heritage Delegation after their recent study tour of Palestine/Israel.] STATEMENT OF THE AFRICAN HERITAGE DELEGATION AUGUST 2, 2011 We, the members of the Interfaith Peace Builders’ first African Heritage Delegation, participated in a study tour to Palestine/Israel, July 16-29, 2011.  The delegation consisted of seven men and seven women from 25 to 73 years of age who ...

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Press Release by Solidarity Protesters that Were Violently Dispersed in Beirut

[Counter-protesters in Hamra attacking anti-regime protesters.]

 [The following press release was issued on Thursday August 4, 2011, by the protesters that gathered outside the Syrian Embassy in Beirut on Tuesday, August 2--to protest the Syrian regimes violent suppression of the uprising in the country--and that were subsequently violently dispersed by pro-regime counter-demonstrators. An English translation is forthcoming. For a detailed account of the protest and it's violent dispersion, see Jadaliyya's One Night in ...

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One Night in Hamra

[Counter-protesters in Hamra holding pictures of Bashar al-Asad.]

[The following is an eye-witness account of the violent dispersion of an anti-regime protest that took place this past Tuesday outside the Syrian Embassy in Beirut. The author of the report-back has chosen to remain anonymous.] Last Tuesday evening at around 8 o’clock, a group of people gathered at the Syrian Embassy in Beirut in order to protest the ongoing atrocities committed by the Syrian regime against the Syrian people. Earlier that day I had received an email, part ...

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Israel’s Anti-BDS Law: Proving the Effectiveness of the Boycott

[image from]

[The following statement was issued by the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI) on July 31, 2011.] Israel’s Anti-BDS Law: Proving the Effectiveness of the Boycott This last month has seen the Israeli government reach an unprecedented level of desperation in its attempt to counter the spread of international solidarity with Palestinian rights.  Early in the month, Israel employed the embattled Greek government to act as a proxy ...

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