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Press Release: "We Reject the Economic Program Presented by Ganzouri's Cabinet to the IMF"

[The International Monetary Fund Building in Washington, D.C. From Wikimedia Commons.]

[The following press release was issued by the Popular Campaign to Drop Egypt's Debt on 20 March 2012.] No to reproducing Mubarak’s failed economic policies! MP Saad Al Hossaini, head of the parliamentary Plan and Budget Committee, received in his office a delegation from the Popular Campaign to Drop Egypt’s Debt (PCDED), to discuss the issue of Egypt’s foreign debt in light of the discourse around a new loan the interim government intends to draw from the IMF. In an ...

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Call for Participants: Training for MENA Journalists on EU Aid Post-Arab Spring (16-19 May 2012)

[European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. Image from WikkiCommons]

Following the erruption of the Arab uprisings, the European Union has quickly responded by announcing its intention to allegedly assist North African and Middle Eastern countries in their efforts to democratise. One of the main tools proposed for such assistance has been lending by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), originally created to help post-communist countries in Central and Eastern Europe transition to democracy and market economy. The ...

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Sonia M'Barek and Marcel Khalife to Perform in New York (23 March and 29 April)

[Alwan for the Arts logo.]

Alwan for the Arts Brings Arab Music Giants Sonia M’Barek and Marcel Khalife to New York City This March and April, the New York audience will have the rare pleasure of seeing in performance two giants in the Middle Eastern and specifically Arab musical worlds: Sonia M’Barek, in a concert at Proshansky Auditorium at the CUNY Graduate Center on Friday, 23 March, and Marcel Khalife on Sunday, 29 April at The Town Hall. Both concerts are presented by Alwan for the Arts, a ...

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OccupyData Hackathon Round II (23-24 March 2012)

[Image from R-Shief]

R-Shief Labs, OccupyResearch, DataCenter and the MIT Center for Civic Media are excited to announce OccupyData Hackathon Round II. Join us at the locations below or organize your own. When: 23-24 March, 2012 Where: Cambridge, MA | Los Angeles | New York | Oakland | San Francisco | Utrecht | Washington, D.C. | CyBeRspace | |  *ADD YOUR LOCATION* | What: Hackathon I (reviews, summaries, showcases of work by R-Shief Labs, by ...

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“حرية الإعلام: القضية المؤجلة”

Image from

 عقد الائتلاف الوطني لحرية الإعلام في مصر مؤتمراً صحفياً يوم 12 مارس 2012 لإطلاق تقريره الأول عن حرية الإعلام المصري بمناسبة مرور عام على اندلاع ثورة 25 يناير بعنوان “حرية الإعلام .القضية المؤجلة”. يرصد التقرير حالة الإعلام المصري بشكل يومي من خلال تتبع أحداثه وفاعلياته على أرض الواقع.  يأتي التقرير في 200 صفحة تحت عنوان “حرية الاعلام القضية المؤجلة" وهو يمثل توثيقاً لمسيرة الإعلام المصري على مدار العام الأول من الثورة على عدة محاور منفصلة متصلة بداية ...

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Press Release: Activists Refute Bahrain Government Claim of Reform Implementation

[Image from]

Activists Refute Bahrain Government Claim of Reform Implementation Researchers launch "Government Inaction" website to track government’s implementation of BICI Recommendations [Manama] The Bahraini government has failed to fully implement any of the recommendations made by a prominent rights commission last year, said a team of independent activists on Thursday. The group, calling itself Bahrain Watch, made the statement on the launch of their new website ...

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Press Release: Halt "Ships of Shame" from the USA Carrying Weapons to Egypt

[Egypt's Central Security Forces in Cairo. Photo by Mariam Soliman. From Wikimedia Commons.]

[The following press release was issued by Amnesty International on 15 March 2012.] A ship carrying a cargo of weapons with explosives en route from the USA to Egypt must not be allowed to offload because of a substantial risk the weapons will be used by Egyptian security forces to commit human rights violations, Amnesty International said on Thursday.  The organization has tracked the Dutch-flagged ship, MV Schippersgracht, for the past two months. It is ...

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Symposium: The Arab Uprisings and the Future of Arab Politics (Washington DC, 22-23 March 2012)

[Image from Center for Contemporary Arab Studies]

The Center for Contemporary Arab Studies cordially invites you to attend The 2012 CCAS Annual Symposum The People Want the Fall of the Regime: The Arab Uprisings and the the Future of Arab Politics The Arab world has witnessed unprecedented protests and popular mobilization since December 2010/January 2011. Across the region, millions of people have rallied to demand dignity and freedom, often in the face of violent repression.  Al sha‘b urid isqat al nizam—“The ...

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Reclaiming Freedom for the Left: Themed Panel Series at 2012 Left Forum (16-18 March, New York City)

[Image from website for Left Forum

The 2012 Left Forum will be held this month, on 16-18 March at Pace University in New York City. This year's conference is being organized under the theme, "Occupy the System: Confronting Global Capitalism" (see complete program here). The three panels below are grouped around the theme of "reclaiming freedom for the left" and analyze the capture of the discursive trope of freedom by the right in three areas: the economy; ideologies of ...

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Call to National and European MPs: For an Audit of Tunisia's Debts to the EU

[Image from]

[The following statement was issued on 16 March 2012 by a diverse group of European parliamentarians calling for an audit of Tunisia's debt to the European Union.] With dictator Ben Ali ousted from power since 14 January 2011, Tunisia bears the burden of a public external debt amounting to $14.4 bn, which is a major obstacle to the development of the Tunisian people since repayment (capital plus interests) drains on an average an annual sum 6 times larger than the health ...

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Call for Papers: Real Democracy and the Revolutions of Our Time (Loughborough University, 3-5 September 2012)

[An anarchist symbol. Image from Wikipedia Commons.]

Call for Proposals for the "Real Democracy and the Revolutions of Our Time" Sessions 2nd Anarchist Studies Network Conference: "Making Connections" Loughborough University, United Kingdom, 3-5 September 2012 Not since the 1960s has there been such global interest in the prospects and possibilities of revolution. From the Middle East to the metropolises of Europe, South Asia, and the Americas, large number of people have taken to the streets in ...

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Dallying with Reform in a Divided Jordan

[Image from]

[The following is the latest from the International Crisis Group (ICG) on Jordan.] Popular Protest in North Africa and the Middle East (IX): Dallying with Reform in a Divided Jordan Middle East Report No. 118 12 March 2012 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Something is brewing in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. It is not so much that protests have been spreading since 2011; the country has experienced these before and so far they remain relatively small. It is, rather, who is behind ...

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Call for Papers: 1962, A World (Oran, Algeria, 14-16 October 2012)

Three revolutionairy women, each named Dalila, in The Battle of Algiers: the war film classic directed by Gillo Pontecorvo. [Image from Cine Papaya.]

Call for Papers: 1962, A World Oran, Algeria 14–16 October 2012 Proposal Deadline: 15 April 2012 The symbolic and exemplary resonance of Algeria’s independence escapes the limits of either Algerian or French history. The interdisciplinary colloquium “1962, A World” 72 544x376 Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE

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Reel Syria 2012: Festival of Syrian Films, Music, and Theater (London & Edinburgh, 15-18 March 2012)

[Image from festival websiet]

At a time when Syria appears engulfed in violent conflict, the Reel Syria Festival will present a nuanced portrait of the country and its people. On the anniversary of the uprising, Mosaic Initiative for Syria will also raise funds for Syrians displaced and affected by the current violent crackdown. Highlights of the festival include a Syrian film programme as part of DoxBox Syria Global Day 2012, including a screening of ‘A Flood in Ba’ath Country’ directed by ...

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Faculty Petition on NYPD Failure of Leadership

[NYPD patrol vehicle. Image from]

Updated: Over Four Hundred Faculty Nationwide Call for NYPD Commissioner’s Resignation Today, more than four hundred faculty from across the country wrote to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, adding theirs to a multitude of voices calling for Police Commissioner Ray Kelly and Deputy Commissioner Paul Brown to step down. A response to the NYPD’s over-reaching and indiscriminate surveillance of Muslim student associations along the Northeast seaboard, this is the ...

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"Why Don't We Dialogue?" Walk Out on IDF Presentation at UCLA (Video)

[Image from UCLA Palestine Awareness Week Flier]

On Tuesday, 28 February 2012, Students for Justice in Palestine at UCLA organized a Gaza memorial as part of its annual Palestine Awareness Week. In response, Bruins for Israel and StandWithUs invited IDF soldiers to campus to present a whitewashed version of the IDF's actions in Operation Cast Lead, the 2008-2009 assault on the Gaza Strip which resulted in over 1,400 casualties and, to date, no accountability for documented war crimes and possible crimes against humanity. ...

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House of Stone: A Memoir of Home, Family and a Lost Middle East

[Left: Cover of Shadid's new book. Right: Anthony Shadid. Image composite by Nada Bakri]

Anthony Shadid has been widely hailed as the best foreign correspondent of his generation.  For Arab Americans, he was much more than that.  How many times did we send one of Anthony's dispatches from Iraq, Lebanon, Egypt, Palestine, Libya or Syria to our friends so that they might ...

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Lecture on Arab Uprisings by Fawwaz Traboulsi at AUB's Issam Fares Institute

[Professor Fawwaz Traboulsi. Image from video posted below.]

As part of its Arab Uprisings Lecture Series, the Issam Fares Institute for Public Policy and International Affairs recently hosted Fawwaz Trabulsi. In his presentation, entitled: “Revolutions Also Topple Ideas: How the Uprisings Shattered the Prevailing Political Constructs of the Arab world,” Traboulsi critically reviewed how the uprisings have called into question the main concepts that have dominated intellectual production and public practices in the Arab ...

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In a Different Light (Nazareth, 16 February - 6 March 2012)

[Image from event poster]

The opening of ‘In a Different Light’, a photography exhibition by Katie Ramadan, will be at the Sudfeh Gallery-Restaurant in Nazareth on Thursday, February 16 2012, from 8-11pm. The exhibition includes thirty photographs broken into eight separate series. The aesthetic flow of the series, meaningful and exciting to the eye, includes explorations of the home, public spaces and individuality.  Curated by Walid Mawed, the exhibition is sponsored by Sudfeh ...

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The Arab Uprisings One Year On: Voices from the Ground (Oxford, 29 February 2012)

[Image from event poster.]

Oxford University and the Weidenfeld Scholars would like to invite you to the 2012 Weidenfeld Debates Conference. This year’s event will commemorate the anniversary of the beginning of the Arab Spring and will present 7 unique voices from the streets who witnessed and took part in the popular uprisings.  Who?  Tunisia - Yassine Ayari, cyber activist,  Yemen - Atiaf AlWazir, Researcher, NGO consultant & blogger Syria - Joseph Daher, activist and author ...

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