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Call for Papers -- On Likeness and Difference: Modern Art of Middle East and the Confines of Modernism (New York, 18-19 October)

[Jewad Selim, Untitled (The Gardener), c. 1950. Private Collection, Dubai. Photo courtesy of Meem Gallery, Dubai]

On Likeness and Difference: Modern Art of Middle East and the Confines of Modernism 18-19 October 2013 Kevorkian Center, NYU The third annual AMCA conference seeks to problematize the comparative method with which the paradigm of modernism approaches modern art of the Middle East. This paradigm is, after all, a formulation of the historical experience of Western Europe in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. It maps the development of bourgeois ...

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Open Letter to Sudanese President Regarding Censorship and Intimidation Campaign

[Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir. Image by U.S. Navy via Wikimedia Commons]

[The following letter was issued by the Committe to Protect Journalists on 18 April 2013.]  President Omar Hassan Ahmed al-Bashir Office of the President, People's Palace P.O. Box 281, Khartoum, Sudan Your Excellency, The Committee to Protect Journalists, an independent, nonprofit organization that promotes press freedom worldwide, is disturbed by the ongoing campaign by the Sudanese National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS) to intimidate ...

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Call for Papers -- Not All Quiet on the Ottoman Fronts: Neglected Perspectives on Global War, 1914-1918 (1 June Abstract Deadline)

[Image from]

Not All Quiet on the Ottoman Fronts: Neglected Perspectives on Global War, 1914-1918 9 – 12 April 2014 Istanbul, Turkey Deadline:  June 1, 2013 The History Foundation (Tarih Vakfı) and Orient-Institut Istanbul with the support of Boğaziçi University, Institut Français des Études Anatoliennes (IFEA), İstanbul Bilgi University, Sabancı University, and İstanbul Şehir University will host an international multidisciplinary conference on World War I at İstanbul ...

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Justice Is Universal: A Panel Discussion on Palestine, Comparative Frameworks, and Solidarity

[Left to right: Saree Makdissi, Robin DG Kelly, and David Shorter. Image by Dana Saifan]

Though some may find it easy to use terms like “apartheid,” understanding the material relationships that ground the comparison between Palestine and South Africa is a more difficult endeavor. Similarly, the ease with which activists link the struggles of indigenous peoples in the Americas to the Palestinian cause often belies the everyday details that make this relationship so powerful. With that in mind, Students for Justice in Palestine at the University of California Los ...

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Aid Inside Syria: Too Little, But Not Too Late

[Refugees International logo]

[The following report was issued by Refugees International on 24 April 2013.]  Aid Inside Syria: Too Little, But Not Too Late Two years after the Syrian revolution began, there is much wider recognition of the dire humanitarian needs inside the country, and support for expanding cross-border aid activities is increasing. The United Nations, a handful of international non-governmental organizations, and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent all have humanitarian operations ...

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Eye on the Libyan General National Congress: Sixth Report

[Eye on the GNC logo. Image from]

[The following report was issued by Bokra Youth Organization and H2O Team on 22 April 2013. This is the sixth in a year-long series of reports covering the actions of Libya's General National Council. This issue focuses on the period from 1 March to 15 March 2013. Click here to access the previous report.] Eye on the Libyan General National Congress: Sixth Report Introduction  The General National Congress held two sessions in this period and primarily discussed ...

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Open Letter to UK Prime Minister David Cameron Regarding UAE President's Visit

[Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan. Image via Wikimedia Commons]

[The following letter was issued by a group of human rights organizations, including the Alkarama Foundation, on 25 April 2013. UAE President, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, is scheduled to visit the United Kingdom today.]  Dear Prime Minister, We are writing to urge you to express the UK government's grave concern in relation to human rights abuses in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) when you meet the country's president, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, in the ...

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Call for Papers -- Wither the Nation? National Identity in the Twentieth-Century and Contemporary Middle East and South Asia (25 May Abstract Deadline)

[Orient-Institut Beirut logo. Image from]

Whither the Nation? National Identity in the Twentieth-Century and Contemporary Middle East and South Asia 27 - 29 September 2013 Beirut, Lebanon The Orient Institute and the Center for Arab and Middle Eastern Studies at the American University of Beirut will be convening a two and half day conference in Beirut (27-29 September) on twentieth-century and contemporary political thought and its dealings with the question of national identity. The aim ...

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Sara Roy on Dispossessing Palestine (Video)

[Sara Roy. Screenshot from below video.]

The following lecture was recorded on 6 April 2013 at "Justice and Only Justice," the 2013 Friends of Sabeel Conference--Los Angeles/Orange County. In the video, Dr. Sara Roy, who is a Senior Research Scholar at the Center for Middle East Studies at Harvard University, discusses the ongoing dismemberment of the Palestinian nation and the paradigm shift that must occur to address this issue in "Dispossessing Palestine."   

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Press Release from Love in the Time of Apartheid Campaign on Extension of Citizenship and Entry into Israel Law

[Love in the Time of Apartheid campaign.]

[The following press release was published by the Love in the Time of Apartheid campaign on 23 April 2013.] The Israeli apartheid regime, which calls itself a “democracy”, has extended the racist Citizenship and Entry into Israel Law (Temporary Order) for the thirteenth time in 11 years, disregarding the suffering of tens of thousands of Palestinian families On 14 April 2013 the occupation and apartheid government of the State of Israel extended the racist Citizenship and ...

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Reports Roundup (April 27)

[The following list is a compilation of the reports, statements, and other materials featured on the Jadaliyya Reports Page this past week.] A Who's Who of Fighters in Gaza IRIN, a service of the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, studies various armed groups in Gaza in light of recent events that threaten the November 2012 ceasefire.  Trial by Error: Justice in Post-Qadhafi Libya International Crisis Group reports on the status of ...

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Stained Glass Transparency: Bahrain's Latest Obfuscation of International Human Rights Accountability

[Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) issued a report written by Andrea Gittleman, JD and Alex Lee on 25 April 2013 in response to the Bahraini regime canceling the planned visit of UN Special Rapporteur on Torture.]  Bahrain has again indefinitely postponed a visit by the UN’s special rapporteur on torture, the latest in a series of attempts to deter human rights observers from scrutinizing the kingdom’s dismal human records record. The government told the ...

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Irish Lawyers for Human Rights Call for Expulsion of Bahrain Attorney General from International Association of Prosecutors

[Protesters in Manama in 2011. Image by Mahmood Al-Yousif via Flickr]

[The following report was issued by CEARTAS (Irish Lawyers for Human Rights) on 15 April 2013.]  Report on Bahrain's Attorney General Dr. Ali bin Fadhel Al-Buainain and his position in the International Association of Prosecutors  Executive Summary  This report, using evidence widely available, examines the role of Dr. Ali bin Fadhel AlBuainain, Attorney General of Bahrain, and his suitability as an Executive Committee member of the International ...

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Joint Statement Demanding Public Release of Egyptian Budget

[1 Egyptian pound note. Image by Szajci via Wikimedia Commons]

[The following statement was issued by a group of political parties and NGOs, including the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights, on 21 April 2013.]  Continuing with the blackout approach by the regime, the Minister of Finance presents the 2013-2014 draft budget to the Shura Council without making it available to citizens. Early this April and in complete secrecy, the Minister of Finance presented the 2013-2014 budget proposal to the Shura Council, without making ...

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The End of an Era: The Less than Grand Opening of the New Ottoman Archives

[Main gate of the old Ottoman Archive, 11 March 2013. Photo by Michael Christopher Low.]

[The following status update on the new Ottoman Archive Center in Kağıthane was written by Patrick Adamiak, Jeffery Dyer, and Michael Christopher Low.] For generations, historians of the Ottoman Empire and its former territories in the Balkans and the Arab Middle East participated in a rite of passage linking them to the Ottoman bureaucrats they studied. Going to work at the Ottoman Archives (Başbakanlık Osmanlı Arşivi) entailed the humbling experience of passing through ...

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Infographic: The Work from Home Disadvantage

[Image from]

[The following infographic was created by]  

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March Madness: Theirs and Ours

Memorial poster for Kimani Gray. Image by Lucas Jackson via Reuters.

 March Madness: Theirs and Ours [The following Month in Review on Washington's Wars and Occupations was written by Michael Reagan and published on 31 March 2013 in War Times.] It's March and despite what you read on the sports pages, the real madness in the country isn't on the basketball court. It's on the streets of New York, where police murder another Black teenager. It's in Steubenville, Ohio, where a teenage girl is raped by high school athletes ...

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Another Al Islah Member Disappeared as the “UAE94” Trial Continues

[UAE94. Image from Facebook page of

[The following report on the disappearance of Emirati Al Islah movement member Abdulwahed Al Shuhi appeared on Al Karama website on 22 April 2013.] On 26 March 2013—the day of the fifth hearing of the “UAE94”—Abdulwahed Al Shuhi, a member of the Al Islah movement, was arrested at his office in Dubai by police officers. One month later, his whereabouts remain unknown. His story recalls the cases of other Al Islah activists who are not amongst the “UAE94” but who have been ...

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Bahrain Tells UN Torture Expert to Postpone Visit—Again

[UN Special Rapporteur on Torture, Washington DC, 15 December 2010. Image from Flickr/OEA-OAS.]

[The following post was written by Fahad Desmukh for Bahrain Watch on 23 April 2013.] For the second consecutive time, the Bahraini government has told the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture to delay his planned visit to Bahrain. A statement on the state-run news agency yesterday said that Bahrain’s Minister for Human Rights delivered an official letter to Special Rapporteur Juan Mendez “outlining reasons for the request to postpone the visit." However, those reasons ...

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Trial by Error: Justice in Post-Qadhafi Libya

[ICG logo. Image from]

[The following report was issued by International Crisis Group on 17 April 2013.]  Trial by Error: Justice in Post-Qadhafi Libya Executive Summary  There are many necessary cures to Libya’s pervasive insecurity, but few more urgent than repairing its judicial system. Qadhafi-era victims, distrusting an apparatus they view as a relic, take matters in their hands; some armed groups, sceptical of the state’s ability to carry out justice, arbitrarily detain, ...

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