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Memorandum on Equal Citizenship Rights for Libyan Women in the Constitution

[The following is an English translation of a memorandum that was issued by a group of concerned Libyan citizens to the Constitutional Drafting Assembly on 20 August 2014 with respect to the right of Libyan women to pass on citizenship to their children. The introduction that precedes the memorandum was written by Hanan Ghosheh, one of the people involved in the drafting of the memorandum. The original Arabic memorandum is reproduced at the end.] In the three years ...

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Job Opening:Director of the Language Center at Doha Institute for Graduate Studies

The Doha Institute for Graduate Studies (DI), an independent institute for learning and research in the fields of Social Sciences, Humanities, and Public Administration and Development Economics, has been newly established in Doha, Qatar by the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies. Student applications have now opened and the DI is scheduled to launch its first academic year in the Fall semester of 2015. As a bilingual institution where both Arabic and English will ...

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Call for Applicants: The 2015-2016 Ibrahim Abu-Lughod Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Palestine Studies at Columbia University

[Ibrahim Abu-Lughod]

The Center for Palestine Studies at Columbia University’s Middle East Institute is pleased to announce and to invite applications for the 2015-2016 Ibrahim Abu-Lughod Award, a post-doctoral fellowship in Palestinian Studies.  The one-semester fellowship carries a stipend of $25,000 and the status of post-doctoral research fellow or visiting scholar at Columbia University, as appropriate. About The Ibrahim Abu-Lughod Award in Palestine Studies The Ibrahim Abu-Lughod ...

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Call for Submissions: Asfari Institute Art Competition on the Theme of 'Active Citizenry'

The Asfari Institute for Civil Society and Citizenship in issuing a call for submissons to its first Art Competition. Artwork should be inspired by social movements, urpsiings, struggles for human rights, and citizens engagement, inlcusive of hope and defeat, in all their forms.  Awards for this competition include a $1500 first-place prize, a $1000 second-place prize, and a $500 third-place prize. The artwork will be used to promote the First Annual Conference: ...

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Explaining the Bahraini Regime's Land Reclamation Strategy (Video)

The following Financial Times video report reveals the Bahraini regime’s massive land reclamation projects for luxury developments, which solely benefits the ruling elites and takes place at the expense of affordable housing, and as such, has exacerbated anti-regime opposition since 2011.

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في الإعتراض على قانون الإيجارات الجديد: رسالة مفتوحة الى المجلس النيابي

 [ مظاهرة في ساحة ساسين. مصدر الصورة سكن بيروت. وورد براس. كوم]

بعد ٢٤ سنة من طرح مشاريع قوانين إيجار مختلفة، إعتمد المجلس النيابي إصدار قانون تصحيح الإيجارات القديمة، والذي نشر في الجريدة الرسمية في تاريخ ٢٦ حزيران ٢٠١٤. منذ العام ١٩٩٢، تم وقف العمل بنظام ضبط الإيجارات للعقود الجديدة، في حين بقي ساري المفعول لكافة العقود المبرمة قبل ذلك التاريخ. أما تحرير الإيجارات القديمة تم ربطه بخطة سكنية شاملة (لم تتحقق) تتيح الوصول الى السكن الملائم بأسعار مقبولة‪. أثار صدور مشروع قانون الإيجارات الجديد في العام 2014 تساؤلات عدة، أهمها: هل يعتمد ...

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Some Torture Facts: Revelations from the Recent SSCI Report on the CIA Detention and Interrogation Program

[Then President George W. Bush and then President-Elect Barack Obama meet in the White House on 10 November 2008. Photo by Eric Draper via Wikimedia Commons]

[Marcy Wheeler, who tweets at @emptywheel, is among the most astute analysts of the US torture policy. As the following set of facts indicates, she is also an archivist and historian. In this collection, which she produced on her website at the request of her Twitter followers, she reminds us that the torture wheels were set in motion with the 17 September 17 2001 Memorandum of Notification in which then President George W. Bush authorized the CIA to proceed ...

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Lebanon: Rejecting the New Rent Law: An Open Letter to the Parliament


[After twenty-four years of putting forth different rent bills, the Lebanese Parliament has issued a law to liberalize old rent contracts, published in the Official Gazette on 26 June 2014. A committee to protect the rights of tenants in Lebanon has been formed to oppose this new rent law, and has organized a number of protests throughout Beirut to demand its revision. A blog providing information about the law and documenting activists' initiatives against the new law has ...

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Still Singing for the Egyptian Revolution: A Conversation with Ramy Essam (3 December, George Mason University)

The Middle East Studies Program at GMU and the Arab Studies Institute present A Conversation with Artist Ramy Essam Still Singing for The Egyptian Revolution Wednesday, 3 December 2014 6:00 PM, Research Hall 163 George Mason University Open to the Public Ramy is bringing his guitar to share some (new) tunes Free Pizza Will Be Served Catch his tracks on iTunes and YouTube  Ramy Essam is best known for his heady performances in ...

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The Making of Ferguson: Public Policies at the Root of Its Troubles

[Explosives bring down the Pruitt-Igoe public housing towers in St. Louis in 1972. Some former residents got housing assistance to settle in Ferguson and other inner-ring suburbs. Image via Wikimedia Commons]

[The following report was authored by Richard Rothstein and published by the Economic Policy Institute.] The Making of Ferguson: Public Policies at the Root of its Troubles Executive Summary In August 2014, a Ferguson, Missouri, policeman shot and killed an unarmed black teenager. Michael Brown’s death and the resulting protests and racial tension brought considerable attention to that town. Observers who had not been looking closely at our evolving demographic patterns ...

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Between Ballots and Boycotts: Bahrain’s Political and Electoral Systems Assessed

[Political cartoon showing the regime celebrating its claimed election turnout figure of 52.6 percent. Image from]

[The following is an overview of last week’s parliamentary elections in Bahrain that Ala’a Shehabi wrote for Bahrain Watch on 26 November 2014.]  On Saturday 22 November, Bahrain held parliamentary elections. Bahrain Watch looks at the significance of these elections in relation to the political system as a whole and evaluates the election using basic principles from the IDEA’s Book on International Electoral Standards. We find critical breaches of international ...

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Open Letter to the Organizing Committee of the World Forum for Human Rights in Morocco

[Image calling for the boycott of the World Forum for Human Rights in Morocco. Image from the Mouvement 20 février Rabat Facebook Page]

[The following is an open letter that the Rabat branch of the 20 February Movement has written to the international committee organizing the World Forum for Human Rights in Morocco. Below are also the French and Arabic versions of the letter.] 20 February Movement, Rabat branch 20 November, 2014 Subject: For the reasons below, the 20 February Movement objects to the hosting of the World Forum for Human Rights in Morocco. With your committee's support, Morocco will be ...

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Call for Applicants: University of Houston Professorship in Modern Arab History

[Image from]

The Department of History at the University of Houston invites applications for the Arab-American Educational Foundation Professorship in Modern Arab History at the senior associate or full professor level. The chair will play an instrumental role in the development of Arabic Studies at UH and will be actively involved with the local community through facilitating community events. Candidates for the position should be working in the post 1798 time period. Applicants for ...

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Faculty Support Student-Workers of UAW 2865 in Solidarity with Palestinian Students and Workers

[The following open letter was published by the below signatories on 14 November 2014.] We are faculty in support of the UAW 2865’s efforts to stand in solidarity with Palestinian workers and students. On December 4, 2014, the UAW 2865 – the union representing teaching assistants, graders, readers, and tutors across the University of California system – will hold a membership-wide vote on a historic resolution to join the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (“BDS”) movement ...

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Event at GMU: The Double Execution of Saddam Hussein: Diaspora, Media, and Images, with Zainab Saleh

Middle East Studies Program, Middle East Etc. Film Club, Center for Global Islamic Studies, and School of Policy, Government & International Affairs (SPGIA), and Department of Sociology and Anthropology Present The Double Execution of Saddam Hussein: Diaspora, Media, and Images With Zainab Saleh  November 25, 2014 Research Hall 163 @ 6PM George Mason University This talk focuses on the double execution of Saddam Hussein, namely his execution and the ...

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Steven Salaita Files Lawsuit Against the University of Illinois’ Board of Trustees

Steven Salaita has filed a lawsuit filed in Champaign County Court against the University of Illinois’ Board of Trustees. Salaita and his legal team at the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) maintain that the university administration has failed to comply with the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) by refusing to provide certain documents. A number of documents were requested, most importantly e-mails between university officials that include keywords such as ...

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Press Release: Students for Justice in Palestine at UCLA Hails Divestment Victory & Thanks All Supporters

[The following press release was issued on 19 November 2014 by Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) at the University of California Los Angeles] For Immediate Release Students for Justice in Palestine Hails Divestment Victory, Thanks all Supporters Contact: Divestment organizers at UCLA, representing a wide coalition of students from all backgrounds and sectors of campus, celebrated a milestone victory for social justice with the passage of ...

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مجلة “الوضع” الصوتية على الهواء أصغوا وساهموا

 يسرّنا جداً أن نعلن إطلاق مجلة “الوضع” الصوتية، مع شركاء قوميين وإقليميين*. إن "الوضع" هي مجلة شهرية صوتية نقدية مستقلة تجمع بين التحليل والتغطية الإعلامية والسخرية. وتتألف بشكل رئيسي من مقابلات\ومحادثات صريحة وجريئة وتقارير عما يجري وراء الكواليس ومراجعات وتعليقات وقراءات مطلعة.  ستُقدّم "الوضع" مقابلات من العالم العربي وخارجه مع ناشطين وصحفيين وفنانين ومواطنين. وستعالج "الوضع" قضايا بارزة في المجالات الاجتماعية والاقتصادية ...

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إدارة أر-شيف تطلق إصداراً يساهم في دراسة محتوى مواقع التواصل الاجتماعي

 [شعار ار-شيف]

 لوس انجيليس، كاليفورنيا 17/11/2014 تُطلق مؤسسة "أرشيف R-Shief" يوم 17 نوفمبر مبادرة للباحثين الأكاديميين العاملين في مجال دراسة الحركات الاجتماعية عبر العالم؛ حيث تجعل المحتوى الذي تم جمعه على مدار السنوات الماضية متاحاً إلى جانب أدوات أرشيف متاحة لمدة عام بصورة مجانية ومفتوحة بدون قيود. هذا الأرشيف يشمل محتوى من مختلف شبكات التواصل الاجتماعي في أكثر من 70 لغة. يستطيع الجمهور أن يستفيد من هذه الخدمة من أجل دراسة والتعرف على المحتوى الإلكتروني ...

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R-Shief Launches New Research Tools Allowing Full Access to Social Media Archives

[R-Shief Logo]

Los Angeles, CA, November 17, 2014, a media research system designed to analyze global social movements, is launching new tools allowing full and free public access to its unique and historic social media archive and analytics in more than seventy languages. Since 2009, the open-source media lab has been analyzing online discussions on networks such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and now Instagram. R-Shief is most known for supporting media ...

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