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Conference--The Arab Revolutions: Five Years On The Arduous Road of Democratization and Future Prospects (Beirut, 21-23 January 2016)

Click here to download the below program as a single PDF document.  

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Conference--After Tahrir: Egyptian Revolutionary Experiences and Future Visions (Santa Barbara, 22-26 January 2016)

After Tahrir: Egyptian Revolutionary Experiences and Future Visions January 22-26, 2016 Pollock Theater, McCune Room University of California Santa Barbara Conference Website: Conference Hashtag: #aftertahrir This four-day research collaboration workshop will take place at UC Santa Barbara on the five-year anniversary of the Tahrir Square Uprisings in 2011 that toppled Egypt’s long-term dictator Hosni Mubarak. These ...

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Letter to Turkish PM Davutoglu Concerning Turkish Higher Education Council's Condemnation of Scholars for Signing Peace Petition

[The following letter was issued by the Committee on Academic Freedom of the Middle East Studies Association on 14 January 2016.] Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu Office of the Prime Minister Başbakanlık 06573 Ankara, Turkey Via facsimile +90 312 417 0476; +90 312 403 62 82; + 90 312 422 26 67 Dear Prime Minister Davutoğlu: We write on behalf of the Middle East Studies Association (MESA) of North America and its Committee on Academic Freedom to express our serious ...

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Press Release: Doctors Without Borders on Siege and Starvation in Madaya

[Google map image showing Madaya with respect to Damascus as well as border with Lebanon]

[The following press release on the seige of Madaya, Syria was issued by Doctors Without Borders on 7 January 2016 and updated on 8 January 2016] Syria: Seige and Starvation in Madaya 8 January Update: The MSF-supported medics in Madaya have identified 250 people with severe acute malnutrition, including 10 patients who are in immediate need of lifesaving hospitalization. The number of people in need of medical care is growing. If a safe medical evacuation procedure can ...

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Call for Papers: Conference and Special Issue on Communication and Conflict in Syria and Iraq

Conference and Special Issue  Call for Papers   Title: Communication and Conflict: Syria and Iraq Organized by: Centre for Media Studies, SOAS Conference Venue: Khalili Lecture Room, SOAS Date: 7 May 2016 One of the most popular topics in public discourse and research today is the role of media in the conflicts in Syria and Iraq, driven by concerns about the self-proclaimed Islamic State and its social media recruitment efforts and propaganda, threats of ...

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Fact Check: The Truth About Shaykh Nimr al-Nimr

[The following resource was published by Americans for Human Rights and Democracy in Bahrain on 29 December 2015. Shaykh Nimr al-Nimr was a leading opposition figure who was the Saudi regime executed on 2 January 2016 along with forty-six other detainees.] Since arresting leading Shia cleric Shaykh Nimr Baqir al-Nimr in July 2012, the Government of Saudi Arabia has worked to propagate a series of misperceptions aimed at degrading Sheikh Nimr’s record as a ...

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Petition Protesting Comments Made by Celal Sengor Concerning Torture and the 1980 Coup in Turkey

[Map of Turkey]

[The following petition was issued in December 2015 in the aftermath and in opposition to comments made by Celal Sengor in an interview.] Dear members of the Committee on Human Rights of the NAS, NAE, and NAM, We are writing to bring to your attention the deplorable remarks made recently by Celal Sengor, a Turkish geologist and a foreign member to the National Academy of Sciences. In an interview he gave to the mainstream Turkish daily, Radikal, Sengor blatantly stated ...

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Statement on the Freedom Fighter and Liberated Prisoner Omar Nayef Zayed

[The following statement (in English and Arabic, below) by the Campaign in Solidarity with the Struggler Omar Nayef Zayed, was issued by Palestinian organizers inside and outside occupied Palestine, demanding the freedom of, and an end to extradition proceedings against, Omar Nayef Zayed, a Palestinian community leader and former prisoner who is now facing threats of arrest by the Bulgarian state due to the pursuit of the Israeli occupation. Click here to take action to ...

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Urgent Call for Solidarity and Action from the Union of Southeastern Anatolia Region Municipalities

[The following call for action was issued by Giiltan Kianak on behlaf of the Union of Southeastern Anatolia Region Municipalities.] Union of Southeastern Anatolia Region Municialities Urgent Call for Solidarity and Action  In the course of armed conflict that restarted in the Kurdish region of Turkey after general elections in June 2015, 186 civilians most of which are women or children have died so far, hundreds of them were injured and thousands of people were ...

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Al Jazeera Censors English-Language Article Critical of Saudi Regime

[Screenshot of Twitter showing deleted Al Jazeera America tweet that promoted Arjun Sethi's piece when first published]

On 3 December 2015, Al Jazeera America (AJAM) published an article by US-based civil rights attorney and analyst Arjun Sethi. Entitled "Saudi Arabia Uses Terrorism as An Excuse for Human Rights Abuses," the article drew on a range of reports by international human rights organizations about the Saudi regime's repression of dissent and the recent increase in the number of planned executions. It also drew direct parallels and connections between the US War on Terror ...

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Job Opening: Associate/Assistant Professor and Director of The Centre for the Comparative Study of Muslim Societies and Cultures at Simon Fraser University

The Department of History, in conjunction with the Centre for the Comparative Study of Muslim Societies and Cultures (CCSMSC) at Simon Fraser University, seeks to make an appointment at the rank of associate professor (with tenure for qualifying candidates) in the field of comparative Muslim societies and cultures. Exceptional candidates at the rank of assistant professor (without teAnure) may also be considered. The recommended candidate will serve as director of the CCSMSC ...

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منظمة هيومان رايتس واتش: إسماعيل الإسكندراني يواجه أمن الدولة

 بينان منظمة "هيومان رايتس واتش" حول اعتقال الزميل الباحث والصحفي إسماعيل الإسكندراني: على السلطات المصرية إطلاق سراح إسماعيل الإسكندراني، وهو باحث وصحفي له تقارير عن الحركات الإسلامية والتطورات في شبه جزيرة سيناء. الإسكندراني محتجز منذ 29 نوفمبر/تشرين الثاني 2015. قال محامون اتصلت بهم أسرته ومنظمات حقوقية مصرية لـ "هيومن رايتس ووتش" إن الإسكندراني خضع لاستجوابات مطولة في مكتب نيابة أمن الدولة في القاهرة في 1 ديسمبر/كانون الأول. قال المحامون إن ...

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Investigate Killing of Kurdish Human Rights Activist and Lawyer

[Tahir Elci. Image via Wikimedia Commons.]

[This statement was released by Project 2015 on 29 November 2015.] Apparent Assassination Latest in Spate of Targeted Attacks against Kurdish Peace Activists Project 2015 today condemned the apparent assassination of Tahir Elci, a prominent lawyer and Kurdish human rights activist who headed the Diyarbakir Bar Association. An unknown assailant reportedly shot Elci with a bullet to the head while Elci was delivering remarks at a press conference in Diyarbakir calling ...

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Affirming the Rights of Students to Organize, Protest, and Resist (City University of New York)

[Image via CUNY for Palestine Facebook page.]

[This statement was released on 23 November 2015.] In light of recent events and revelations, we, as faculty and graduate student members of CUNY for Palestine, reiterate our unequivocal support for students to organize for social justice, and to protest against injustices, without having their rights to free speech and free assembly infringed upon or violated by members of the university administration or law enforcement. We have noted with great concern recent ...

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Leading Artists Endorse Cultural Boycott of Israel

[Screenshot from video below.]

Eight leading artists, all with ties to New York, state their support for the cultural boycott of Israel in our new video. The eight artists recount the hardships that Israel imposes on Palestinian artists, and the history of Israel’s oppression of the Palestinian people. They explain the Palestinian boycott call, and why they endorse a cultural boycott. The video marks the launch of a New York-based initiative calling for more artists and cultural workers in New York, the ...

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ASI At MESA! Visit Us at Booths 20-21 and Join our Political Economy Project Reception

                  We are excited to have the Arab Studies Institute's (ASI) projects and initiatives debut at MESA this year, and we would like to invite all Jadaliyya, Arab Studies Journal, and Tadween Publishing readers, Status/الوضع listeners, and Political Economy researchers to our booths at MESA:   M E S A    B O O K    E X H I B I T    We have a lot to celebrate ...

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الأكاديميا والعدالة الاجتماعية: دعوة لتقديم أوراق بحثية

                  دعوة لتقديم أوراق بحثية   آخر موعد: ٣٠ تشرين ثاني/نوفمبر ٢٠١٥ Normal 0 false false false EN-US JA AR-SA

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Academia and Social Justice: Call for Papers

CALL FOR PAPERS Normal 0 false false false EN-US JA AR-SA

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Disrupting the Chessboard: Perspectives on the Russian Intervention in Syria, with Jadaliyya Co-Editor, Bassam Haddad

[Image from Belfer Center Report]

Disrupting the Chessboard: Perspectives on the Russian Intervention in Syria Introduction: The Russian Intervention in Syria Payam Mohseni, Editor In late September 2015 at the request of the Syrian government, dozens of advanced Russian warplanes entered Syrian airspace and began conducting intensive airstrikes against enemy targets. With the support of the Russian Air Force, the Syrian government also launched an offensive ground campaign in conjunction with ...

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Salaita Update: Settlement Reached in Case of Professor Fired for 'Uncivil' Tweets

[The following press released was issued on 12 November 2015 by Steven Salaita's legal defense team.] Settlement Reached in Case of Professor Fired for “Uncivil” Tweets Contact: Jen Nessel, (212) 614-6449, November 12, 2015, Chicago – Today, the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) and co-counsel Loevy & Loevy announced the settlement of Professor Steven Salaita’s case against the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) for ...

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