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Shampa Biswas


Finger on the Nuclear Button: Gender, Responsibility and Nuclear Custodianship

[Map of nuclear-armed states of the world. Image by Bourgeois via Wikimedia Commons]

Recent discussions of the upcoming US presidential elections have raised questions about Donald Trump’s emotional fitness to be in charge of the US nuclear weapons program. This article is an analysis of the gendered assumptions that determine questions of responsible custodianship of nuclear weapons, both within and outside the Unite States. In particular, I examine questions about nuclear weapons possession and use that are precluded by using temperament as the barometer ...

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Shampa Biswas


Shampa Biswas is Paul Garrett Professor of Political Science at Whitman College. Her teaching and research interests are in postcolonial International Relations, international security, globalization, nationalism, and gender. She is the author of Nuclear Desire: Power and the Postcolonial Nuclear Order (2014), co-editor of International Relations and States of Exception: Margins, Peripheries, and Excluded Bodies (2010), and Torture: Power, Democracy, and the Human Body(2011), and has published numerous articles.